Do You Do Garage Sales, Thrift Stores, Resale Shops?


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Denise Jacobs Profile
Denise Jacobs answered
I love to thrift store , and garage sale shop. I recently bought an antique telephone table at a thrift store for $25. Is is worth at least $150 without my doing anything to it! The best bargain I got was a swivel rocking chair that was in almost perfect condition. No tears, or rips in the upholstery. I got it for $2.12 at a thrift store. (yes $2.12. It's not a typo).
I am forever finding clothing for .50 cents or $1.
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Alva Lipscomb
Alva Lipscomb commented
That's what I'm talking about. Good for you. I got a pair of alligator shoes for $4.00 at an estate sale.
Roxanna Chenoweth Profile
OH HECK YES! You can find brand name stuff that is brand new! How can you NOT shop at garage sales, thrift stores, or resale shops?!
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Laura Wilde
Laura Wilde commented
I'm addicted! My family members just don't get into it! I'll keep all the treasures for myself!

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