If Your Life Was A Soundtrack Of 10 Songs From The Day You Were Born Till Now...what Would They Be?


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Pad, wow that was great. Moving. That would make a great CD. My soundtrack would consist of the following: 1. My cherie Amour by Stevie Wonder...call me conceited but that would be my first born song. 2. Everybody hurts by REM....middle school and high school days was filled with depression 3. Time of your life by Green Day....leaving high school behind for the real world 4. Water under the bridge by RHCP....still in a sort of depression trying to figure out what to do in life as I'm going to college 5. You're Just a Fool but you know you're in love by Tina Turner....thought I was in love but significant other wasn't 6. Stranger in my House by Tamia....ex and I finally ended up breaking up after 3 years thinking we were okay...he wasn't ready for a mature woman 7. Independent Woman by Destiny's Child.....isn't it obvious 8. Love like this before by Faith Evans....found a new love in a matter of months....this time...it was for real. 9. If I ain't got you...Alicia Keysl....since I found my new man all I can think about is him and being happier than ever 10. It takes 2 by Marvin Gaye...at 27 my guy and I are looking more towards spending the rest of our life together....wish us the best...
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Born to be wild[self explanatory]-sugar, sugar[my first crush on a girl]--another brick in the wall[started secondary education]--sugar baby love[first teenage romance]--saturday nights alright for fighting[start of the troubles in northern ireland]--it will be lonely this christmas[my best friend mickey is shot dead aged 17]--walking on the moon[received my first paypacket]--i wish it could be christmas every day[i passed my nursing exams]-- its a good year for the roses[i got engaged to my wife now of 25 years next february]--memories[now aged 50 and feeling nostalgic]
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From a baby the song would be stricken by disturbed, now I'm in my teens and the song would be breaking a habit by Linkin park.
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1."Isn't She Lovely"-- Stevie Wonder (the birth of me)
2." Victory"-- The Weekend (i was a very happy child)
3."Dream of Me"--Kristen Dunst (all my crushes)
4."Don't Let Me Get Me"-- Pink (my image of myself changed)
5."Welcome To My Life"-- Simple Plan (entered depression)
6."Holy Water"-- Big & Rich (couldn't stop crying)
7."Story of A Girl"-- Nine Days (could easily smile)
8."Sunshine On My Window"-- Letters To Cleo (broke through image
everyone thought i was)
9."The Lighthouse"-- Mandy Moore (found religion)
10."Who I Am"-- Jessica Andrews (finding myself)

hoping that one day i can add "Brandy"-- Looking Glass to my list. It was the song i was named after and does fit me a little but i think in a few years i can really live up to it.

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