What's Your Favorite Band?


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paul williams Profile
paul williams answered
My favorite is "Journey" the old one with steve perry as the singer.
Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
Have you listened to some of the old rock and roll bands? BTO,(Backman, Turner, Overdrive), or Eric Clapton, Boston, Aerosmith, AC/DC, ABBA, Lynard Skynard.
How about some old country? Probably not, but Johny Cash, Dolly Parton, John Connelly.
Or the big band music, Glenn Miller Band, Benny Goodman, and more. I would suggest that you spend some time in a large music store, and listen to music for a while, this way you can find the type that you like the most. I myself only listen to music when the family is on a road trip anymore, unless I'm playing my big band music while cleaning house. Hope this helps.
Denise Knutter Profile
Denise Knutter answered
Don't laugh all you older blurter's but I have several
  1. AC/DC
  2. Led Zepplin
  3. The Doors
  4. and I love listening to Stevie Ray Vaughn
  5. shall I continue??!!
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Katy Bug
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go to my page and continue
Denise Knutter
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Let me understand this, the question is Who is your favorite band and we answer your question and you give all of us a bad rating. Do you understand how blurtit works?
Ryan Profile
Ryan answered
Evanescence is really good and my favorite.
Alysha Wreathall Profile
Oooh i don't know i can not decide um well my favorite bands are cascada, avril lavigne, soilger boy and dj cammy!
Maxine Chan Profile
Maxine Chan answered
My favorite band is Maroon 5;)

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