What Is Your Favorite Episode Of "Home Improvement"?


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Good morning, Tiggs!

Definitely!  That really was a great show!  I wonder why I couldn't get John Travolta out of my mind when I saw that episode?  LOL!   I also liked the two-part episode when Jill has the hysterectomy, shows Tim's genuinely sensitive and frightened side along with some of the issues that can befall a woman when faced with such a sudden and drastic change to her life.
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I think I love so many of the "home improvement' episodes its hard to choose. But I did like the episode where Al's mother died and Tim gave the eulogy. His sentiments towards her were very sweet
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My favorite is one where Tim promises Jill a new bathroom, and works the project into his show. I think it's from the first season, titled "Bubble, Bubble, Toil And Trouble".
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The one I like and hate at the same time is the one where tim drops a I -beam on  a 55 nomad. Even though they explained later it as only a sheetmetal body that was smashed...the reason I hate that episode is I know what it would cost just for the sheetmetal for a classic 55 not to mention the work it took to make it and I am still looking for complete 57 nomad quarter panels for mine...DOH!
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Wow. Classic show. To tell you the truth I haven't seen it in years but the one that stands out is the time he beefed up the garbage disposal. Hilarious.
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I don't have a favorite... The show IS my favorite. Its set in Detroit Michigan and every episode mentions SOMEPLACE familiar to me from HOME. I'm originally from Lansing Michigan, about 90 miles from where the show is set. I love all the Michigan team sweatshirts Tim wears in the show... Especially Michigan State University... They're my Home-Town Boys!!
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Cute show but I haven't really watched it much.  I'm more of a Will & Grace, Roseanne and Everybody Loves Raymond....girl.  :o)
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I liked them all but do remember a favorite episode when Tim beefed up the riding lawn-mower and raced it.  Think it got out of control and he cut down neighbors shrubs, flowers, etc...lol
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I was going to say any time Tim blunders, but then that would be all of them!
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Jacquelyn Mathis
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I love to laugh when he has the wood pasted to his forehead, and when Wilson told Jill's professor his full name. Wilson Wilson. I love that too.
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I loved the episode where he lets his sidekick take over the hosting for awhile--and HE is so NOT funny but tried to be.  It's hilarious.
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It has been years and years since I have seen an episode of Home Improvement. I liked the one where the spaghetti got sucked up the exhaust fan above the stove. The riding lawm mower episode with Bob Villa was funny too.
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None! For I Hate that Show and refuse to watch it ever, and people say I look like one of the guys too!

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