What Song Has The Power To Bring You To Tears Faster Than Any Other?


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There are a few but the one that will bring me to tears no matter what I am doing or at is she's an eagle when she flies by dolly parton. They played this at my grandmothers funeral and it was a hard thing to go through she died back in 2000 of cancer and I was there watching as she drifted away from us all! So this song bring back a lot of emotions and hurt!
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One that gets me every time is The Star Spangled Banner.   And since today is an anniversary day (9/11) that will certainly be remembered for a very very very long time....it really packs a punch for me today.  The song "Homesick" that GodLovesU mentioned in her post is another that goes straight to my core and anther is I Can Only Imagine".  I LOVE music!!!!!
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"the little girl" by John Michale Motgomery
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Oh danny boy/taps/amazing grace but it usually has to be with the usual ceremony for which they we're intended.....
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I can't remember the name of it, but the song talks about a car accident and a couple is in the car and the guy only hopes he can be good enough to join her in heaven.
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kathleen johnson
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i think the name of the song is tell laura i love her
Writer ReeRee
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no offense, but i hate that song. my personal opinion. maybe that's just because i dont have a taste in music like that.
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Jesus loves me. Man, it's simple, it's the truth and it touches that inner need to be loved by Christ that we all long for.
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"Homesick" by MercyMe,  It was played at my husbands funeral last year.  Also "Everything I Own"  by Bread.  I dedicated that to my late husband on my playlist.
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How Can I Help You To Say Goodbye by Patty Loveless. Its about leaving a childhood friend, a broken marriage, and the passing of a parent. Something for everyone to relate to. 
She sings...
How can i help you
To say goodbye?
Its ok to hurt
And its ok to cry
Come let me hold you
And I will try....
How can I help you to say goodbye.
Haven't heard it in a very long time...it gives me chills
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Well I would have to say there is a song at my aunts funeral eagle on angels wings terrible one because
I think of her when I hear it and I think they used it in church for some 911 victims so this song gets to me but i also  like this song but gets to me all those years ago by george harrison a tribute to john lennon but in the song he tells how he felt about john

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I'll Be Missing You/ I'll be Watching You. Either version. It reminds me of my Nanny and my Grandfather when they both passes away.

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