What Do You Do For Fun?


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Daniel Sandoval Profile
Daniel Sandoval answered
Well for the brain I play chess, for the body I do Martial Arts and women, for stress on my emotions I pack a bow for two and or yoga! Sometimes I look at old pictures to escape to a better time. Meditation is great for freeing up your mind to enable yourself to have some fun!!!
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Zoey smith
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That is a good answer!
Lena JH
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Oooo I love all your hobbies, I hope one day I can learn chess and martial arts and yoga.
Ace anonymous Profile
Ace anonymous answered
I like video games and airsoft.
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Zoey smith
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Since you are nice and answer almost all my questions i will tell you what else i do. I also do gymnastics and play soccer with my friends!
Caleb Iamlegend Profile
Caleb Iamlegend answered
We play video games,sports,and talk on the internet.-Iamlegend
Ayesha Griffiths Profile
I go on the computer, go out with friends, Horse ride, do gymnastiques, watch TV and films and play guitar! And home work, but thats not fun! Lol
Kristie Boemen Profile
Kristie Boemen answered
I'll go to the movies hang out with friends go to the mall play volleyball, soccer, gymnastics. I love going to parties and dancing and just having fun!! =)
Ali Osb Profile
Ali Osb answered
I love doing soccer and gymnastics! Those are my hobbies. I also play the flute in the school band.
Lena JH Profile
Lena JH answered
Write poetry, read poetry, read stories, surf the internet (facebook, myspace, blurtit, youtube, shop online), watch lots of cartoons to relax (Spongebob, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Chowder, Flapjack, anime, etc), play video games (mostly anything), go to the mall to look around or see a movie, go to parties/clubs, take pictures, sometimes just sit and chat on the couch with a good friend... Hey it sounds like i have a fun life right? Lolol

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