What Can I Do For Fun When I'm Bored?


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You can always entertain yourself in a number of ways. Some of the ways you can pass your time is the usual stuff by Reading, Television, net Surfing, etc. However, these activities seem to be a daily activity and might be really boring for some.

Incase you have no friends around at the time you are bored, 'be yourself'. If you are a boy, try cooking in the kitchen, if you are a girl try going shopping alone. Trust me it works!!!
The best time of your life is the time you spend all by yourself by not crying and being depressed but by accepting the fact that you need to be an enjoyment factor to yourself. Try getting a little notorious by performing some kind of pranks on the street, but watch it, see that no one is watching you!!
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Boredom is a failure to find something fulfilling to occupy your time. It occurs when something no longer occupies out attention and before we focus on something else.

I don't know who you are or what you like, but I'll give it a go:

Go out for a walk, the time will give you ideas and you will get some wonderful exercise doing it.

Read a book, can't afford one? Join the library, this surely something interesting to read there, something that you are interested in, maybe not in the fiction section, but there are many types of factual books that could be of interest. Library closed or too far away? The internet is full of interesting games, stories, puzzles and fun things to do.

Let's face it, being bored is just easier than motivating yourself to do something else. Why not try something new, something you've never done? Join a club, try out a sport, write a letter, watch an old movie or tv show, listen to music, call a friend, there's so much to do in life, boredom is just an excuse.
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There are many ways to spend our spare time. All methods depends on one's interest .the most common activities for entertainment are; reading books, playing badminton and surfing net. All these activities are of great advantage to all of us. As we all know that books are best friend of man. It never tells lie always guide us. There are many good books ,one of them is "Common sense and nuclear Warfare". Secondly I love to play badminton .Again playing games can refresh your mind and your body too. Always try to play those games that help you to maintain your mind and body too .Next, nowadays, internet plays an important role in our daily life. everything is available on net you will find everything of your interest on internet. you can play online games, reading books or anything you want. Always try to spend your time in those activities those can provide you fun and knowledge both. Hobbies/ Activities both depend on one's interest like somebody enjoy playing badminton , some don't like it. one loves to read books , some hates that, so always try to do things of your interest for fun, and the best way to get rid of your boredom join your friends, this will surely remove your boredom. Try it!
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Most people claim to be bored without actually knowing the reason why they are bored. First of all, it is important to figure out why you are bored. One you have figured out why you get bored, you can beat the boredom by taking part in one or more of the following activities.

You can get rid of boredom by surfing the Internet, answering questions on blurt it, writing a story or an article in your mind that takes you away (that is, transports you into a world which is a figment of your own imagination), going out with a friend/friends or relative/relatives.

You can also try watching television, reading a book, enrolling for a hobby class, making craftwork from materials which you can find easily, writing a letter or a story or an article or a non-fiction paper, doing a good deed for another person, planning to rearrange.

Rearranging your room, taking a nap, taking a bubble bath, logging on to a search engine such as Google to search for a topic of your interest and reading it, pursuing a hobby, learning to play an instrument such as the guitar, working out, playing sports, going shopping are some other interesting options which you try out get rid boredom.
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There are lots of activities that you can do while you get bored.Some people like to read books,some like to have a walk with their friends or pets like dogs,cats etc.Some like to have a chat with their pals or visit their relatives,some like to enjoy music or play any game which ever they like.Some like to watch T.V or go to cinema or theatre for that reason. Some people have the hobby of shopping so they go out for shopping while they are getting bored.This could be window-shopping even.You see there are many things around you that need your attention,it's just a matter of choice whatever you choose to spend your time.Sometimes you feel lazy and don't want to do any thing at all,you may sleep in your spare time.
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I usually just type in I'm bored and see what pops up
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Worlds..I get on virtual worlds such as,, or I just get on google and type random stuff in the box thingy and if your still bored I would go talk to a therapist.
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You could: Call a friend, take a walk, play some video games, go on MLIA, just answer questions on here, watch some old tv re-runs on youtube, watch netflix, watch tv, take a nap, clean your room ( boring I know but it's something and rewarding), call someone you haven't talked to in forever, write, whether it's a poem, song, story, or just in a journal, draw, play an instrument, learn to do something new, go swimming, just go sit outside and read, call a friend and have a picnic ( at your park or just in the back yard), find a celebrity gossip site and read up on the latest gossip, read a magazine, write a letter to someone, go shopping. Hopefully you find an interesting one in there. And boredom is usually the result of no motivation to do anything, so just get up and walk around for a bit at the least.
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There are THOUSANDS of things to do but here are some of my favorites:
1. Have a party
2. Re-decorate your room
3. Answer questions on Blurt-It
4. Write a story
5. Watch videos on YouTube
6. Go shopping
7. Have a picnic
8. Ride a bike
9. Film a video
10. Listen to music
11. Walk your pet
12. Take a jog
13. Go to the pool
14. Find a playground
15. Go to the bathroom
16. Cook a yummy meal
17.Plant a garden
18. Jump on a trampoline
19. Discover or create a fort
20. But most of all.... EAT SOME VERY YUMMY GRAPES!
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I'm bored too but I surgest,,
board games,
inviting friends over,
just watch telly,
think about stuff,
I know exactly how you feel , ive just had an oporation on my knees and I can't walk so I'm extra bored!!
Oh and another is SLEEP AND EAT!! Always a boredom buster lol x :)
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If a person is getting bored, it means he is idle. There is saying that " An Idle Man's mind is evil's paradise".

Do not let this happen to you. You need to get involved in reading books, watch television. Spend time with your friends and family
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What I do for fun is either get on my computer or read! A lot of people don't like to read but reading is just like watching t.v. In you're head!
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If you are alone put loud music on and sing and dance by yourself loudly, badly whatever you want.
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