I'm Bored And At Home What Can I Do?


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I would watch a movie or read a book.
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Joan answered
I can't seem to find the time to be bored.  There is house to clean, clothes to wash, flowerbeds to be taken care of, social events/church to attend or phone calls to make.  If I occasionally find a few spare minutes, I enjoy reading a book.  Books have been my friend and adventure companion since I was very young.  They can take you places you only hope to visit, they can introduce you to people you admire (or fear), they can stimulate your mind and soothe a troubled soul.  With a good book in hand, you will never be bored.
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Sarah answered
Go on here or chat on msn
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Lysh Kage answered
I usually play video games or sleep lol,of course coming on here to answer and ask questions
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Annie Devore answered
Check My Email.  Write In My Journal .. Go For A Walk.. Bake a  Cake.. Listen To CDs Read Stephen King Or Ann Rule ..Visit A Cemetery Go To The Mall..Call Someone
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Go somewhere entertaining, call or text a friend, exercise, take a walk (skateboard, bicycle, driving lawn mower, ect.,), meet up with friends, light something on fire, blow some stuff up, get axe and a lighter and make a flame thrower, internet, T.V., put grapes in the microwave, put aluminum foil in the microwave, get silly string and spray it everywhere, make random objects with duct tape (wallets, rings, wristbands, hearts, stars), sleep, learn to juggle, play a sport, climb a tree, jump out a window, wash an an animal, sew something, play in dirt, break dance, break a lamp, kick a chair, punch a wall, be random!!

Lots of things :P I like be random best ^.~ I'm good at it to hehe but when you put grapes or aluminum foil in the microwave it sparks! :D hehe something sets on fire but I forget what o.0 oh well...
Don't blame me if you get injured or injure or catch your house on fire ^.^
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Get outside and bicycle, walk or go looking I'm stores.
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If you are Bored  you can read wach tv  play out side or bug you friend a  till thay get mad and you will be happy  like I am or write your feeling  at the botton of this page or on a paper like am doing or  say   I   C   you   P   or call me at   6-8-5-9-2-5-5    WILL YOU CALL ME?

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