What to do if I'm bored?


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Sheldon Cooper answered

Your doing it now .

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Well, if it's Summer time where you are, there is a lot of things to do ! Go ride a horse for a couple of hours, go swimming with some friends,  take a nice long walk and enjoy the outdoors. Or if it's too hot, head over to the nearest library and brows through the books and all the other things they have and find something interesting that you might enjoy! Get out and just enjoy life !

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PJ Stein answered

Take everything out of your closet and dresser drawers. Make three piles. Pile 1, things you wear and are going to keep. Pile 2, things that are in good condition that you don't wear and don't need. Pile 3, things that are stained or torn. Put pile 3 in the trash. Put pile 2 in bags and donate them. Put away pile 1 in an orderly fashion. Hang shirt in one section and hang like colors together. Hang pants together and hang like color together, etc. Now you can find what you have and you can have more room to buy new things if you need them.

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