What To Do On A Boring Day?


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Fly a kite, have a picnic, bake something yummy, um mm paint/ draw, watch a movie, go for a walk, play some loud music and sing along while tidying up your place, call someone who you haven't spoken to for awhile and brighten their day :), write a message in a bottle and release it and see if it comes back, scrap book, get a manicure ( or pedicure), write a letter just for fun to someone and tell them your thinking of them.... There's just a few ideas for you :)
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1. Invite a few friends over and have a back-yard get-together
2. Take a stroll through the neighborhood and get some excercise
3. Ride bikes with one of your good friends
4. Make up a dance to your favorite song
5. Do a 3 way call and chat
6. Make an untimate fort
7. Bake a delicious treat

    I hope these are reliable answers that you can use easily!! Enjoy :)
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If you have pc at home, best to register and see if you too can answer some questions. And as well, there are many friends to be made here. Just make sure you have been on site for some time and are higher in ranks as people will get to know you, and then make friends request. As well beware of baby blurters, because you have no idea what you may be getting into. Had one from india who used my pc to piggy back ride, as they say. Also, if at home with nothing to do, I love to cook and keep busy with housework. Watch tv, get things done, like the bathroom, it always needs cleaning. Listen to music and dance, lost 30 lbs doing that. Take up crafts, I can do oragamy birds to compete with the best of them. It is said if you make 1,000 and give away, you will find contentment. There are things like colouring you hair, baths, clipping toenails, cleaning, reading etc. Think of all the things you do when waiting to see your doctor, this will give you an indication of what to do at home
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When I feel like my life is boring, I go to the library and look through the arts and craft section, I have taught myself how to knit, crochet and to cross stitch. You can also do volunteer work in your community, get a pet, invite friends to a movie or a game of mini-golf, my mother lives alone and away from her family, instead of sitting at home being bored, she started going to dances, and met a lot of new friends, she also is in a bridge club and every week they get together at each others houses, each person brings food and whoever is hosting that week provides a movie for them to watch
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Call your friend and tell her to come over or ask 1 of your cousins to come over spend a night over someones house
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There's plenty you can do. You can play games(video, computer or board), read a book, do a puzzle book, take a walk, call a friend or family to hang out with or visit. Play some sports, shoot pool or darts, go bowling. There's plenty you can do if you use your imagination.
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Lol...c'mon, no one's life is boring. You may get bored at times, but I'm sure yr life is not..anyways, I go out and play sports, computer games, hangout with friends, and I play guitar and drums when I feel boring. Other times I would design stuff on the computer...well, hope that helps!
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Take a walk,,do my laundry.. Clean the house. Go to the mall and look around. Yea it gets boring at times. Maybe get a hobby? Or do some crafts
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Boring!. When Computer system is there and have a internet connect there will be no boring at all. And I also watch TV continuously changing the channel.
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Watch telly, eat lots, play board games, play on computer/ wii/ psp e.t.c, get a friend round, make random things out of recycled stuff!
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Mostly you may feel boring because you are not living the right style of life your creator wanted for you, like a machine when it used not in the way it's manufacturer advised in it's catalog , try to visit this site
I challenge to feel boring if you redirect your life the correct direction.
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Watch a movie, call a friend, sleep,lie upside down on the couch thats all the things I can think
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MM if you want, you can run in circles jaja, don´t true MM you can chat with friends or with me if you want
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You start a text message trend, you can sing without music, your cook roticery chicken, yout can cook fried chicken or, or, or you can order fried chicken from Chon Saan Palace on the George Price Boulevard, NOT FROM YIM SAAN!!!! You can order pizza, or wings and there are much more you can do
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Have a picnic, play water games make a water obstical course pour ice water on your friend head lol.
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Well, if you don't have anyone to hang out with then you can do what I do, I spend days like that going to different places, I take a bus, a long route one and carry my iPod all the time with me, and spend hours and hours like that, I at times take a cab ride to go out of the city, I really can't just stay at home like that. I need to go out as I'm a outgoing kind of person, spend most of my time outside hovering around the city just without any reasons...

How about that...?
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There are a lot of things you can do. You can do something that you have been putting off for a long time, read a book, clean your car, go for a walk or bake some cookies.

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