Why Are Sundays So Boring?


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Nah even with work or going to church, something about Sundays makes them kinda lame-especially in wintertime.
You can't go out too late because of Monday or for that matter travel/drive too far...
Sure you can hit up a bookstore or watch TV but that's pretty hum-drum and tame stuff you can do for a few minutes out of each day....Sunday, you really are a boring boring day.
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In fact they are not so boring. For me sundays were terrible when I went out partying on saturdays and felt pretty hangover the day after.
Now I don't go out so much and try to enjoy the sundays in the best possible way: Sleeping a lot, relaxing, watching movies, going to a cafe or doing stuff that during the week I can't.
Just chill out and try to enjoy sundays because the good thing of being bored is that you have time to do what you like the most.
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Because everyone is at church and no one is out.
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Because everyone knows they have to go school, work, etc the next day. If it was a monday holiday, sundays are probably less boring.
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Well,I work every other weekend,so I am not bored!I think maybe you should get another job where you can work on Sundays!I work in a hospital emergency room,so sickness cannot take off on a Sunday!I understand where you are coming from,though!If not another job,then find a hobby you are interested in!
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Because nowhere is open, noone is out, and its really quite.. Every other days there will be cars and lorrys going to work driing about which creates a atmosphere even if you are miles away...  But on sunday everyone is sat at home....    And also cause God is resting.. Sunday is the day of rest for god... So gods probally asleep on sunday thats why its boring aswell.
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They are boring because if you have to go to school on monday you will have the tension of completion of homework and you will be scared that if the teacher will sc olde you.I am small too.
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Who said Sundays are boring. I really enjoy Sundays. When I am at Friday I really forward for Sunday to come. After a week long strenuous work, there is a day where we can relax ourselves
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James Robert Gregory
Well yeah you can relax but still when you want something to do besides standing around bored all day in your house,but i guess that can go both ways honestly im kinda nuetral on this opinion but i guess you have a good point.
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Because there are no shops open, everyone at church and its a sunny day and you know you have to go school. (basically the beginning of the week and an end to the weekend)
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Because no place is open on sundays and it really sux especially when your in high school and you can hang out with anyone :p but I guess you would just have to make the best with what you have.
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Sunday's are only boring if you do not do anything about it.
Maybe after church, you could have your lunch somewhere else and gist withur friends.
You could also visit someone and spend your evening with that person.
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It is not days that are boring, It is people.  There is a saying that: The most bored people are often the most boring people.

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