What do you do when you're bored?


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Adila Adila answered

Complain about being bored and find something to do that does not involve doing any uni work!

(Also listening to Westlife and Shane and fangirling about them for most of the time....) Or watch TV series online...like Merlin. 8) Love Merlin!

angie zhang Profile
angie zhang answered

HAHA for me its more watch videos on joseph Gordon levitt thank god I don't have that celebrity crush on him anymore but hes still a great actor , I have several social media accounts so I check em out , I read because I love books , sleeping reading music , theres a lot , and i'm usually watching movies because movies are awesome :) hate when they end tho :/ oh and I love carrie diaries , vampire diaries , once upon a time etc.

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Miranda Innaimo , Independent Author, answered

I play around on my website:


Kristina Sophia Cross Profile

I like to put on the cutest clothes I can possibly find and do my makeup

Brian Scott Profile
Brian Scott answered

I play GTA V now :) And I come on here like every week or so, but you guys should have a mobile app, my pc is limited access I have 2 sisters to share it wit :(

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ly fen chen answered

Being online, doing some sports as going to swim, going for a walk, watching TV, or movies, listening to the music etc... Doing what you like when you are bored.

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