What are somethings you do when you're bored?


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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

I'll do many things. I'll check out my news apps or Facebook (usually nothing good). Other times, I'll just figgit with my wedding ring. Best of luck to you!

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Read a book, clean, do crafts, do laundry, help a friend or neighbor, reorganize my room lots of things besides just sitting

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yeahsure linda
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Yes, I got off track a little. I commented yesterday I'd been lazy & binge watched TV & ate junk food then read every magazine in the house. I was with the little peeps having movie night last night now haven't yet slept. I realized this morning they upped my seizue meds before surgery so I'm *kinda manic.
yeahsure linda
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Thank you, having done before I know what's ahead so I'll be ready. I have a stack of books 3 pr of dollar store reading glasses for when I drop them in my chair, movies, easy food, glass shower doors removed, just my chair & TV left to do.
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Browse the internet, play games on my phone or Xbox, watch something on Netflix.

Right now I'm taking a break by eating popcorn, answering questions on Blurtit and watching Star Wars with my daughter for the first time.

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Work, fish, watch a movie, community service, ride dirt bikes/four wheelers, and work on something. This weekend my brothers coming home from college and we'll be putting a 3 inch lift on his jeep he just bought up there this week. In a few weeks, I'll be putting a 4.5 inch lift, new rims and tires, winch, light bar, and some other stuff I don't need on my jeep I bought a while ago. :) It fixes my boredom.

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Read, Clean, look uip fun DIYs, watch Netflix/Youtube, Bake/cook

Hope this helped

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