How do you have fun when your grounded, I'm so bored?


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Wel frstly that stnkz..... You shud make your mom hapy so she allows you and if she dosent then sorry to say but you can't.... You wil broke her trust too if you do smthng prohibitd in her absence so better to make otherz happy so you stay happy :-)
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Well since she hasn't taken away any electronics then you could play on those, but be secretive because if she sees you playing them she will remember, and take them away. If all else fails just read or something, it's highly unlikely she would take a book away. Or just listen to the radio and hang around. Watch a movie.
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Well.. Do you like playing games? You've got the whole internet.. Right? Play games, chat, draw, mess around.. There's plenty to do..

Not really sure to be honest.. I've never been grounded...
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Well it depends what you CAN'T do, you have to go around the lines of what you can't do and do what somewhat appeals to you
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Ok well i cant hang with friends or leave the house unless my mom does other than school
Branden Lovethahatin
Well, thats not that bad, (I mean...for a girl it is....[x ) but yeah theres a lot you could do inside, you have the whole internet, find a nice computer game...a game I play a lot is if you don't like that then you have this place to ask "what are good computer games for teens" or something like that...also theres drawing, painting, coloring, you like to dance?[x or learn a new dance?[x theres a lot, my mind is almost blank right now though
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Sorry, but as an adult and also a parent I have to say if you are bored because you are grounded then you need to quit doing those things that get you grounded.
Have you tried sitting down and talking (not yelling) with your parents? I am sure you were grounded not only because you disobeyed your parents then when confronted you argued and yelled at them.
Yes, when I was young I too was grounded and I didn't like it. But I did survive it.

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