Can You Name 10 Country Songs?


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Cindy Thompson answered
Jesus Take The Wheel, by Carrie Underwood; Rocky Mountain High, by John Denver; Satan Bite the Dust, by Carman; Drive, by Alan Jackson;
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Thunder rolls, I'm carrying my love with me, Whiskey lullaby, d.i.v.o.r.c.e. Rose colored glasses, folsom prison, ring of fire, I wanna talk about me, trailor for sale or rent, ruby.
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Janet Simmons
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Those are some good ones too!!!!! Tammy Why-not (Wynette) as she used to be called....Johnny Cash...some good old songs!!!!
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Penny Kay answered
"Big Blue Note", (Toby Keith), I ain't as good as I once was (Toby) "Tennessee Whiskey" (George Jones) "He stopped loving her Today" (Jones)" You can call me Darling",(David Allen Coe)" Heard it in a love Song", (Marshall Tucker)," "Crazy", (Patsy Cline),"The Devil went down to Georgia,"(Charlie Danels) "Shameless" (Garth Brooks), "I've got friends in low places", (Garth) and one of my favorites "I want to talk about me",(Toby Keith)
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Geoff Pursel answered
10 songs? Well, I only like 1 country artist (I'm a rock'n'roller)
Orange Blossom Special
Ring of Fire
God's Gonna Cut You Down
I Won't Back Down
When The Man Comes Around
Rusty Cage
Hey Porter!
Folsom Prison Blues
I've Been Everywhere
A Boy Named Sue

I Know, that's 11, but come, Can't mess with genius. Now guess the artist!

Kayla Michelle Tucker Profile
1. John Conelly-Rose Colored Glasses
2. Jason Aldean-Laugh Until We Cryed
3.Johnny Cash-Rock Island Line
4.  Johnny Cash & June Carter-Jackson
5. Kenny Chesney-Shift Work
6. Rehab-Sittin At A Bar
7. Toby Keith-Wanna Be Somebody
8. Trace Adkins-Arlington
9. Hank Willams Jr-Country Boy Can Survive
10. John Michael Montgomery-Letters From Home
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jamie gann answered
I'll walk, chicken fry,everybody wants to go to heaven, redneck woman,gunpowder and lead, who's your daddy, whiskey lullaby,the dance, I've got friends in low places,suds in the bucket
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Caleb Iamlegend answered
Yes but sorry it would take to me to long to list them all and I'm trying to answer all your other questions.-iamlegend
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Janet Simmons answered
Papa Loved Mama, Waitin On A Woman, Jesus Take the Wheel, Gun Powder and Lead, Chicken Fried, Everybody Wants to go to Heaven, Johnny & June, You're Gonna Miss This, I Saw God Today, Love Remembers......I could go on...and on....and on......
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max loy answered
1. Walk the line - Johnny Cash
2. All that glitters is not gold - Dan Seals
3. Joni - Conway Twitty
4. Hello Darlin' - Conway Twitty
5. Diggin' Up bones - Randy Travis
6. Take Me Home, Country Roads - John Denver
7. Honky Tonk Girl - Loretta Lynn
8. Crazy - Patsy Cline
9. I'll always love you - Dolly Parton
10. Ring of fire - Johnny Cash

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