Could You Live Without A Television?


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I have been living without it.. Since my college days.. I only know news from people or newspapers.. Haha and that is also why i have been here when i was bored.. For i am not into television anymore.. If i would?.. I go sports channel, science and news.. But RARE.. Hehe
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Absolutely. I used to be a slave to the slime, but I weened myself off of all the crap and mostly only watch nerdy science channels now. I'd miss that, but it isn't anything I couldn't find in a book.
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I haven't had TV for the past six years - I moved out of my parents' home, and though I did take a little TV with me to play video games on, I never received any channels on it (by choice).

I would say I keep up with what's going on in the world through newspapers, but that would be a lie. I don't read newspapers or listen to the radio either, and as a result I'm mostly clueless about world events, unless they're big enough for people to feel the need to inform me of them. I'm perfectly content with this arrangement.

I have found myself missing TV a few times. Mostly times when I was sick or depressed and dreamed of sitting in front of a completely brainless show that would require no thought whatsoever. I get over it quickly when that happens - lying in bed with a book proves to be a perfectly good substitute.

It's definitely one of the few choices I've made for which I continue to congratulate myself.
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I do have television, but I never watch it. Since my husband died I am very detached and aloof from the world. All I do is to look at pictures, videos and DVD:s of my husband. In order to get the most recent news I might read the newspapers sometimes in between, but that is not very often. I tend to miss everything that is happening all over the world, and I do feel bad about that sometimes. My children however do watch the television, but not much actually. I think they could do without it as well. They have so many other interests. Their days are filled with all sorts of activities. But they do like to see a good movie now and then, and perhaps I would too. My husband and I loved quality movies, foreign movies and these sort of odd movies that were not known to the general public. We have many of them here at home. But since he died I have only seen a few, some of our favourites. But to answer your question, I would say YES - we can live without a television! Regards "Languages".
No way!
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I definitely can not survive with no television!
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Think so, would need to find something else to entertain though not really fussed sometimes.

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