Would you consider buying a 3D television?


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gomer answered
Not for $200 for just the glasses.
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Riley Shaw answered
I will probably get one regardless of what I think: I think 3D anything is stupid (because it never cooperates with me, in my mind), but everyone in my family likes it and they all outnumber me so we will probably end up getting one, but I'll still watch regular TV because I hate the concept of 3D.
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Joan answered
My husband and I did go to the store to check them out.  We came home empty handed.  We just could not justify the cost.  The sets do come with 2 Paris of glassed but the cost for the set and the 2 pair glasses were going to be about $3200.  But, then you must think about company.  If you have guests that want to watch with you, you need more than 2 pair of glasses (company usually comes in two at my house)  at about $200 each so that is $400 additional.  What if you break a pair...more money!  I have better things to do with my money!  TV does not play that important of a role in our household.
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Jon Robinson answered
No. I believe that technology as is entertainment are having problems producing audio and visual enjoyment. It's  to the point that it isn't enough that in Sleepy Hollow (which I thought was very good with Johnny Depp) that some poor frightened soul got his head wacked off, but for a lot of extra dollars you can experience watching the man's head fly out of your TV screen and bounce off your living room walls! (not really) I believe that 3D televsion is just another way to dig into the pockets of those who are looking for more exciting entertainment. More effort should be put into improving the quality of television viewing. Not shock value.
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Arun kumar answered
No..... I m very much satisfied of my LG flat screen TV.as my point of view it will be expansive for me!!
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Meta Forrest answered
Not in the near future... I don't think there are enough 3D programmes to quantify the expense .
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Jack Mahon answered
NEVER. You don't need a third dimension to watch DOO DOO.  Two dimensions is more than adequate thank you. I just hope I live long enough t see the development of "Feelavision" then I might consider 3D.
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Midnite star answered
No...I doubt it. Been to 3D movies n' I don't see the big deal in 'em. I also don't like feeling confined by having to wear those big clunky glasses to watch TV. ( or movies)
Anyway...I can only see out of one eye, so 3D is useless to me. I also don't like the idea of having to pay more money for my cable. It's already making me broke !!
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But before I spent my money I would consider, will I want a new blu-Ray player to watch 3D blu-rays (I believe the PS3 can). Will I have to spend more on any cable/satellite package to get 3D tv. How much tv programming the  is/expected to be.
Also read into the different 3D tech, I believe there are two main options, cheeper screen but more expencice glasses or the more expensive screen but cheeper glasses.
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Sarah answered
No!! I dont like 3D
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John commented
Not even once in a blue moon for a movie like king kong say for a saturday night matinee style movie at home with all your family/friends with a couple big ole tubs of buttered popcorn and pop and then later some pizza..see they use to have this for channel ten on saturday nights during the summers when school was out. And you didn't need any 100 dollar 3d glasses.just some ole cardboard ones with the red and blue lens.it was fun every once in while to watch a 3d movie.
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yarnlady answered
Yes. My son has a 3D computer and those really interesting glasses, and it was fun to watch.
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Charice Miller answered
Maybe. It's kinda cool. But the prices are insane and I can't stand the glasses. Besides I can download 3D movies on my laptop, anyway. LOL!!
Allie or Al Ranslett Profile
No. Its cool but, they have very adverse effects. People with eye problems watch tv on it because it could cause them to go blind.
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star Shailz answered
I think it would be cool to have a 3D television becasue it would bring your life to a far more exciting place to be.
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John answered
Nope,first the price is insane,second there has not been any extended period of testing to the exposure of 3D tv on the human eye.let's put this way have you heard of any tests ran to find out if any  harmful side effects happen to the eyes by watching it for hours upon hours at a time.makes me think they rushed it into production. I'll wait till everyone else goes blind or they bring the cost down so even a factory worker can actually afford to buy one along with the extended warranty incase it implodes before the lemon law kicks in. I never buy brand new products because they usually have the best flaws built in so they can sell more of them the next year until consumers speak up .let's put it this way if i am going to spend that kind of cash i would install a movie theater in my house and buy a couple thousand used movie dvds for my own personal library.because if i think what will happen in the future happens they will be charging outrageous fees for regular old tv.besides i can think of alot more things i can spend thousands on that will last a lot longer and bring alot more pleasure into my life than a useless piece of tech that will be outdated in a year when they bring out the new models.it's like the scam that ipad,ipod,smart phones have going people paying a thousand dollars for a phone that is outdated when they buy it because the new one is already in the works.let's put this way when 3d becomes the norm for all tvs then i mite think about buying one at 350 dollars instead of 3500 dollars.besides i only buy american.
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olivia jenks. answered
No.. I don't like stuff in 3D. Plus you'd look stupid wearing the glasses all the time while watching it...
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Joe B. answered
Nah not right now, I'll gladly wait a decade or more until the prices fall.
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Annie Devore answered
No.. I Want A TV Where I Can Taste The Food On Cooking Shows Or A TV Where I Can Travel Into The TV And Get In The Action Of  Like  Cops  Or DR G Or House
Jewelly A. Shetka Profile
No, 3D type pictures make me sea-sick, and there's
2 diabetics in the house as well as one of them is mentally
handicaped as well as being on anti-anxiety meds.

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