What Do You Think Of These No-talent Dimwits That Try Out For American Idol?


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Onetwo Bucklemyshoe Profile
I think they're absolutely hysterical. Watching the pathetic auditions with my friends and family is usually the highlight of my evening. However, I'm not much of a singer either, so I give them credit for their courage to go out there in front of a panel of judges...and millions of viewers. All in all, these are usually the three words that pop into my head as I watch the pitiful and painful auditions: Are you serious?
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martha commented
I do not mind the silly or dumb people, it is the vulgar ones that have to be bleeped out.
Onetwo Bucklemyshoe
Yeah same. It's like, it's not the judges fault if YOU can't sing, don't be rude to them. Be as respectful as possible, you were given a once in a lifetime chance, ya know.
Mati green Profile
Mati green answered
I would rather watch the tryout... They're so funny. I think a lot of them aren't really trying to win, I think they're just there to be silly, get on tv and have fun. There are the ones who really THINK they have talent.. I think those are sad. I like to guess who I think might be in the actual competition. I haven't watched any of it this year... Too much homework...lol
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martha commented
Yes i agree with you- those that think they are good, but they aren't i do feel bad for. But those others who get on there, act awful then get mad and have to be bleeped out really should not have even made it that far. My daughter has friends with talent, who tried out for it here in k.c., but did not make it any furhter than the early try outs. So how those awful ones got that far is beyond me...........
John Profile
John answered
I give them a lot of credit for testing their metal so to speak.....having the nerve to get up on stage and do whatever it takes to pursue their dreams...
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martha commented
Agree- they got nerve. I like the silly try outs, but not when they get mad and have to be bleeped out
Jane  Snow Profile
Jane Snow answered
They are taking an a chance of losing all that they have to have to try out for American Idol I don't believe that i would do that because you have to start all over if you don't make and that is a bad lost all together and I called them risk takers.  
Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
I get the biggest kick out of people who think that they can sing, rather than believing that they can't. Many of them are tone deaf, some just don't have any vocal cords for it, others just need some training, but, before they come on the show, they should really have knowledge of how properly sing. Part of the attraction to the show though is those who can't sing, and they make a mockery of them. Sad, but they do.
Chris Burnett Profile
Chris Burnett answered
It's called the jerry springer mentality. Although you know you're not talented. You just might get lucky and get a free trip
Shayne  Chapman Profile
Shayne Chapman answered
Hey I think there pretty funny...hey did you guys see the comercials 4 the next 1? There was a girl on there singin like cackling hyina
Lynne Dwyer Profile
Lynne Dwyer answered
I guess they all really think they're good. Do they not have any honest friends? And some just think they're "all it".  Kinda sad really. I no longer watch the show.
carol washington Profile
I think some people will do anthing for attention. Some people will watch them make a fool of themselves and enjoy it. I'm glad i don't need that kind of attention because i can't sing or dance and i don't mind laughing at their antics. They want attention, so i give it to them. I enjoy the talented ones much better. I think of the untalented as comic relief.
james caison Profile
james caison answered
I think that they absolutely have zero friends or their friends don't have the gonads to tell them, YOU CAN'T SING

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