Why Is South Park Bad?


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In my opinion south park isn't bad  it's funny....uptight people may say it's bad because of language and storylines and making fun of certain things that are unspeakable..if you wanna see bad  then watch fox news  where they call president obama  mr obama  now that's bad.
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Christopher Owen
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I agree completely with Mccomas. People need to loosen up a little and gain some tolerance for the sense of humor of others. Not everything needs to be so serious. Try smiling , it makes the day go by more pleasantly. :)
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HEAR HEAR!! I completley agree with both of you!!
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I don't think South Park is bad. The misconception is that since it's an animation (like the Simpsons for example), that's okay for children to watch. It's not a show for children. It's has adult themes and cuss words. Personally, I think it's funny.
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Sushil Ranakoti
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Definitely, i watch the show and it's make me fresh all the time!
It's not bad at all!'s so funny.
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South Park isn't bad it just always goes out of its way to make fun of any type of situation. No one is safe which is why I think it is funny.
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South park is not bad it is the best show on the television if you don't like it then y are you asking a question about it!!!
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According to me you have some mentally problems.This time Mostly People like south park download.
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The only reason it's "bad" is the because of the language and some of the subject material, but it can be quite funny when they do not go overboard.
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South Park isn't bad. It's the complete opposite. It's the greatest show ever. It's better than Family Guy, because Seth McFarlane is a total a**hole and Trey Parker and Matt Stone are awesome. The only reason it's "bad" is the because of the language.

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