Where Can I Learn How To Play Guitar ?


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The easiest way to get started is to go to book store, or maybe even a library, and get a softbound book that is titled "Guitars for Dummies". It is an easy book to understand, takes you from step one.
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Unless you can afford $1000s for lessons (and even if you can), find guitarists a year or two in front of you, and get them to teach you the bits they know (if they have a clue, they'll teach you bits, if they don't they'll have nothing you want to learn from them)

As you develop you can help those coming up behind you (if you don't put back into the pot how can you draw from it ?  -GET A CLUE ! ;-) )

That's how I (and most of the people I know) learned (and I have been playing nearly 35 years including playing professionally)

The important thing is to practice, practice and then practice some more

Find and learn your basic chord shapes (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and their respective minors, 7ths, etc ) when you have those wired learn a barre chord or three, so as to enable easy flats and sharps of the chords you will by now know

When you have chords nailed, learn some scales Major, Minor, and Pentatonic as a start, practice those until you think your fingers will bleed, then practice some more then step up to modal scales etc

I met B.B. King way back when, and asked him "How long to learn guitar" and he said "Son you will be learning for 30 years, if not the  rest of your life" He spoke the truth and wisely IMO

There you go, that'll keep you busy for at least the next 30 years if you decide to see it through ;-)

If you look at my profile you will find a link to my Youtube page with a few bits and pieces I have done.

Good luck and let me know when you are going to be playing Wembly Arena and enclose a comp +1 ;-)

Remember ..

If it sounds good to you it is GOOD music


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Thanks for the info. I'm still learning and I can read music ,as I sing also. I have always wanted to play the guitar since I was 5 years old and sing at the same time. I'm told that I have picked it up guick, but have trouble playing with a pick. I will keep trying until I get it.
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You  can go online on Youtube and type in free guitar lessons also. I did this and it has helped me a lot. I'm learning to play also.
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The problem with tab bluesman is that the 100's of 1000's of tabs available online are made by anyone.  half the time they are incorrect and have you playing a song based off of how the tab creator heard it, and thought it should be played.  not a good way to learn songs.  either get good enough to figure it out yourself or buy professional notation/tabulature books.
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Get lessons or rent a book at the library.
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Might be easier to learn to read tab eh ?

There are 10s of 1000s online

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The easiest way is to do it online. Their are many sites you can benefit from. Just type in the question in your search engine and choose a site.

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