Are You Sceptical Or Supportive Of Celebrities Getting Publicly Involved In Charity Work?


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John answered
It's good to see that some of them know who butters their bread so to speak(I'm saying God put them where they are).gave them the ability to earn the millions being a actor/celebrity. And they give back for that reason. Then as you have seen some do it for notoriety(get their face on the tube). And then you have the ones that use their talents to give back,put themselves out there to the answer is yes, it is good to see them help no matter the reason they have. At least the people are getting the help. Sort of like the old saying any publicity is good publicity.i guess i would use jesus' mind/heart and accept them for what they are doing from their heart/soul.rather than who they are and why they are doing it to get in front of the camera if that is on their minds at the time.
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Michelle Phy answered
If it helps all the charities that so desperately need the help its worth it in the end but i know not all their motives are pure. Some can be in terrible scandals but to a point use the act of giving to make them look better. Then there are others that dont get all public about giving they just do it. I am leary of the stars who are to loud about their giving.
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Supportive, of course, but in order for a charity endeavor to be truly an act of charity, "your act should be known, only to you and your Gawd."
It should not be something that is undertaken strictly to garner headlines and "photo ops," as is often the case.

Too many so-called "charitable acts" are done by celebrities as publicity stunts, suggested by agents and managers, as a way of engaging in shameless "self-promotion."
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Annie Devore answered
Depends On Who They Are.. Paris Hilton Yes...  Bill Gates No.. They Make 10 Grand Every Second So They Should Give A Lot More Than They Do. If They Can Afford A  100,000 Dollar Dress For A One Night  Party They Can Afford To Give
Glenn Greenwood Profile
Glenn Greenwood answered
I think it's great! What single person needs it all? I mean, look at how they got there money (it's not all talent)...the people who buy their music, movies, etc. Are the ones giving them the money. Really, do you think that the common Joe who is out there busting his hump to make ends meet is any less deserving than the multi-million dollar a year person who throws a ball for a living? There are unfortunates out there dying because they have nothing...We're all in this together. So, by all means, share and share alike! (Even when they're looking for exaltation!)
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Joan answered
Does it really matter why they are being supportive?  If what they are doing is beneficial to the charity, it really makes no difference.  They are the ones who must look at themselves in the mirror and know what their motives were.  It would seem that there are some that not only work to support their charity but donate $ as well.  Then there are some who lend the pretty face to the cause for their own selfish reasons.  Nevertheless, if it helps.....who cares?
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If they want to do it I support that. Their motives I am skeptical of. Sometimes it seems just a good photo op for them.
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yarnlady answered
I'm in favor of anything that works to get more people to contribute. If the celebrity publicity works I'm all for it.
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I am supportive of them, as this would motivate other people to donate and help the affected victims, as they know their idols have also pledged to help them, and they would follow suit.
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Robert Morton answered
I'm supportive of celebrities getting and being involved in charity and we all should be supportive of

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