Would you buy another product from a store/company if they would not stand behind the first product you bought from them?


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eva kenedy answered
No way!!!
Sarah Profile
Sarah answered
No i won`t
Karen Profile
Karen answered
A a a a  Ne-ver!!!
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Joe B. answered
Absolutely not. If the first product was defective and they made no substantial attempt to right the wrong and keep me as a customer.... I would certainly go find another competitor who may offer a better item and also equally good service.
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John commented
I was talking to pro-form fitness equipment about a defective flex spring for a 1280s elliptical in case you wan to see what i am talking about.(leaf spring like in a car ) and the customer service said they do not cover the part under their warranty but they have it for sell for 100 dollars each.funny how they carry the exact part that snapped like a pretzel. The piece is 3/8" thick solid steel and it snapped right where the mounting hole for the foot pad goes that you stand on when using it.
Joe B.
Joe B. commented
Sorry to hear man..... Company sounds like a bad one.... Well I won't deal with them in the future and hopefully they suffer from a mass migration away from their products.
Hope the spring didn't hurt you or cause damage..... I had a spring from a workout device snap, cut my leg before hitting the mirror on my wall.....
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Ace anonymous answered
Nope, if the company that makes the product won't stand behind it, than why should I?
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Lynne Dwyer answered
It would not, and have not. And tell all my friends about it too. Bad word spreads faster than good word. This isn't about the shoes, is it.
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John commented
No, it is about the elliptical i bought used. : ). A part that should have never broken did.in other words the solid steel part was defective from the factory. The steel was crystlaized where it had been drilled to mount the foot pad rest.the part is called a flex bar which looks like a leaf spring. So i called and e-mailed them about the part being replaced as a factory defect. No reply. On th elater models they repalced this part with a piece of rectangular steel tubing.so they knew.

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