What is the film you are looking forward to most this year?


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I don't generally anticipate films, I just see what takes my fancy and go.. But I must say I would recommend 'The Great Gatsby'. I personally love the story and think the film adaption is incredible. Amazing performances, sublime costumes, and the soundtrack!! WOW. Jay-Z deserves massive props for putting together such a clever and completely beautiful playlist. 'Gatsby' is my film of the year so far.

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Melinda Moore
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Have you seen the original film, Sarah? I loved that, so haven't been too keen on seeing the new version, in case it wasn't as good...
sarah wheeler
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oh no I haven't yet, but seeing this version has made me want to!
Melinda Moore
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Will be interested to find out how you think the two compare!
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I'm not sure I could just pick one film I'm looking forward to — there are several, but none that I'm overly excited about. The two movies I was most looking forward to seeing this year have already been released. These were:

  • Les Miserables. Having seen the musical on stage, I wasn't expecting much from the film (especially as I'm not much of an Anne Hathaway fan) but was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. Russell Crowe seemed miscast as Javert, though, and I don't think it was particularly fair to give a singing part to someone whose singing was nowhere near as good as any of the other actors'. I feel  bit sorry for him, actually!
  • The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. I love Martin Freeman and thought he was great as Bilbo, but this movie was packed with far too much padding. It's obvious they're trying to stretch it out so they can make three films out of it, which is a shame, really — The Hobbit is a short book; it doesn't need three, three-hour films made out of it! However, the scenery's beautiful and it was still an enjoyable film, despite being far too long.

Still To Come...
There are a few films I definitely want to see and a few that I'll probably watch when they're available on TV. I don't think this year's been all that spectacular for films, to be honest! However, I am looking forward to the following:
  • Iron Man 3 — I know, I should have seen this already, but I've been so busy, I haven't had a chance! Most of my friends have seen it, and I've heard that it's better than the second one.
  • The Wolverine — Seeing as X-Men Origins: Wolverine was one of my favourite X-Men films, I'd imagine this will be pretty good, too. And Hugh Jackman's usually good in films.
  • The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug — Yes, I did just complain about the first film being too long, but it was beautiful on the big screen. If I don't get round to seeing this at the cinema, I probably won't bother at all, as I think you need the large screen and fantastic surround-sound for it to be an experience, rather than just an overly-long movie.

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Stan Smith
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I wasn't expecting much either and was pleasantly surprised that it was better then my low expectations warranted. Russell Crowe did seem miscast as Javert from his singing ability or lack thereof, but I thought he brought some strength to his part in other ways I didn't see in the musical (Germany & USA).
Stan Smith
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What most people miss about the hobbit movies is that they are not based on the book alone. Tolkien rewrote the original book several times as well as having written something like a dozen appendices and the movies include some things found in the appendices. Peter Jackson is often times blamed for rewriting the story when it wasn't him, it was Tolkien.
Melinda Moore
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I loved the old '70s film of "The Hobbit", though I found it much more frightening than I'd found the book...

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