What movie are you looking forward to seeing?


9 Answers

Black Sparrow Profile
Black Sparrow answered
The adjustment burea
Dead Island (a game movie being planned)
vanishing on the 7th street.
Super 8
transformer 3: Dark of the moon
battle los angeles
pirate of the Caribbean strangers tide.

Cant name em all :P
Starma Scorpio Profile
Starma Scorpio answered
Due Date 
giselle flores Profile
giselle flores answered
The Right.
Joe B. Profile
Joe B. answered
I read about them making a movie about Gambit from the X-Men comic books a while back.
I believe it was going to be similar to Origins: Wolverine...
That interested me, I always liked that character the most when I was a kid.
Maddie Hart Profile
Maddie Hart answered
None. Box office sucks this year, but the rite was pretty good.

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