Is Kanye West really a jerk?


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Yes, everyone remembers the 2009 VMA awards when he interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech to tell everyone that Beyonce had a better video.

And yes, he's the same guy that released a track on his latest album entitled "I am God", and thought it would be hilarious to call his daughter North West... But there must be some redeeming features to Kanye West... Right?

Well, for starters he's actually quite a talented musician.

I think he's got some pretty decent tracks, but on top of that - he's actually technically talented too. He's not one of those rap artists that shows up in the studio, drops a few rhymes and then rushes off to hide behind the tinted windows of an SUV.

Kanye was doing production work for other artists and contributing to the music industry long before his days of fame and glory.

He also understands the music industry in a way that many other artists don't.

When his album Yeezus was leaked onto the internet, he shrugged it off and accepted that he'd have probably downloaded a pirated album if he was in the same position.

He also does a considerable amount of charity work and is a successful businessman - two things many people would love to have on their resume.

All this makes me think he might not be as much of a jerk as we all think. Maybe all the arrogance and prima-donna outbursts are all him playing a persona... 

Maybe it's all for our entertainment - he's sacrificed his personal life and made himself the butt of many jokes, just so we could enjoy the show!

But then again... he's also the person that let his wife walk out of the house looking like a sofa, so maybe he is a jerk after all!

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Well, I'm not really a big fan of rap music in general - but I think he has a few songs that I actually enjoy. It's sort of a guilty pleasure - but nothing to do with his celebrity status.

As an individual, I have to admit he puzzles me a bit. But I guess standing out (even if it's for being an arrogant idiot) beats blending in..
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" Well, I'm not really a big fan of rap music in general "

Let me make myself perfectly clear..

I hate rap and would never term it music. This representative of the genre is the perfect example of why I hate rap.

Crude and manipulative, to say the least. They can all go back to being the two bit gangsters they believe they are as far as I am concerned.

Even Chris Rock tells us that past Run DMC the genre is not defensible on an intellectual level and I could think of many more levels it could not be defended on. The sooner it dies, and it will die, the better I will like it.

What could anyone possible like about misogynistic lyrics, gang, drug and violence glorifying lyrics?
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I'm probably not the right person to stick up for the genre simply because I'm not that knowledgable, but I think *certain* rappers are very witty and have very intelligent lyrics.

Also, the skill required to convey a message while adhering to a strict rhyme structure and meter shouldn't be overlooked.

Maybe it's a case of a handful of talented artists among a sea of mediocre to terrible... but the same could be said for most genres.

There's a stand-up comedian/rapper here in the UK called Doc Brown that I saw performing live, and I think he highlights really well how rap can also be funny, satirical, political and insightful.

Here's an example you can check out if you're interested:
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Yeah ...I think he's probably a bit of a ego maniac but at least he doesn't hide it . He amuses me and I like a few of his songs so he's fine.

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In a word, yes.

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So much fuss about this news ...

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