Why do people hate Kanye West?


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He's an immature jerk, would be my guess. At any awards show and he happens to be there, he manages to jack up someone's big moment with a drunken diatribe. Why security doesn't sit on him and restrain him when he starts for the stage, I have no idea. I guess they like the "drama" he creates.

He married a Kardashian. Enough said.

He revamped his wife's wardrobe. Enough said. I don't like Kim or any of the others, but no boyfriend or husband is going to clean out my clothes closet and leave me to dress in clothes THEY picked out or go naked.

If he does anything positive, he usually jacks it up by remarks made later or by his boorish behavior.

Of course, I'm only guessing. I can't stand the guy personally. And what idiot names their child NORTH WEST? No, that kid isn't going to be teased at all.

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The real question is..." why would anyone like Kanye West? "

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Lard Ass
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I guess not! Get that browser fixed!
John McCann
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I am now using Firefox as Google Chrome seems to have expired on me.
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Well, I don't much care what browser you're using, as I am using a kindle....just haven't seen you around much, got used to seeing "the egg" lol!

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