Would you call EDM/TRANCE/ELECTRO/DUB STEP real/proper music?


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I might be making myself a little unpopular on here by saying this, but I'd say YES.

I get the argument that some electronic music sounds like the same repetitive beat looping over and over again, and that it doesn't involve any "talent" to create ... But I'd say that most of the time that description is inaccurate.

It's the same as saying "anyone can make rock music, all you have to do is pick up a guitar and strum a few power chords".

Firstly, being complex doesn't make music better. Some of the catchiest songs in the world are also the simplest.

Granted, there are "DJs" out there that take that concept to an extreme, but I too was guilty of owning the record 'Flatbeat" by Mr. Oizo (who has actually created some pretty amazing tracks).

The other thing I believe is that electronic music is very much about being in the right "environment and state of mind".

There's a big difference between listening to crackling beats coming out of laptop speakers in your bedroom, and getting lost in a sea of people dancing hypnotically to a pulsating bassline while a laser-show lights up the sky.

That doesn't mean everyone will dig dubstep (sometimes it really does sound like sirens and drills), but it also doesn't mean there's no musical integrity to it.

Personally, I grew up listening to nu-metal (hey, it was the '90s!) and I remember loathing anything that didn't involve growling voices and serious guitar riffs.

Eventually, I got into Nine Inch Nails and I think they were kind of a 'bridge' because their sound is definitely electronic, but they also perform live with real instruments, which made it more palatable.

At the same time, I started messing around with music software like FL Studio and Ableton, and this is when I started discovering the world of electronic music.

Subsequently, I got into all sorts of electronic music: Electro, hard house, gabber, edm, ebm. I also went through a "cybergoth" phase towards the end of high school.

My favorite band was called Goteki.

Eventually I started making my own electronic music, and it's because of my foray into making "beats" that I know that creating good dance music is not actually as easy as it sounds.

Here are some samples (sorry in advance - I was young and naive back then. And yes, the second track is embedded from MySpace lol):

Anyway, now a days I can safely say I find enjoyment in pretty much any type of music.

I love '20s and '30s swing and blues, as well as bluegrass and rockabilly. I still have a Blink 182 t-shirt somewhere, but also love drowning out the world and working on my laptop while listening to some high-tempo hard house. I have everything from Slipknot to Peaches on my Spotify playlists.

In short, hating an entire genre doesn't make sense to me and I'd encourage everyone to give elctronic music a go!

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