What song was juan pablo mouthing/singing at the end on this last episode (Seoul. Korea) of the bachelor? It was like a Spanish techno song


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Are you talking about the K-pop song Juan Pablo was singing at the end of The Bachelor episode filmed in South Korea?

If so I think it's called "I am the best" by 2ne1 (pronounced two-en-ee-one.. Like 21).

As you can see, it's actually sung in Korean, not Spanish... Although I guess it's hard to tell with all the auto-tune they use on the vocals :-/

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YES!!!! Thats the song, thanks for the answer. and the video post. I appreciate it, i thought it was spanish because he listens to alot of songs in spanish. Thanks again!!!
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No problem, it got stuck in my head after I watched the video a few times
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Juan Pablo is singing Korean pop as the previous answer has pointed out. I thought it was such a funny group date, especially when the girls had to go on stage in the shopping mall and dance in front of everyone because it was just ridiculous.

I just think it sucks that Sharleen has the left the show though because she was my favorite and was less trashy than a lot of the other girls. Anyway I will still keep watching because I love JP lol

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