Anyone have any good song suggestions? I'm looking for something a bit 'different', feeling kinda bored with my playlists in general...


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if you want to listen to:

Rock/pop - listen to "where did the party go" by fall out boy, or "dirty little secret" by all american rejects.

Rock - listen to "love in an elevator" by Aerosmith, or "sweet home Alabama" by guns and roses, or "nothing else matters" by Metallica

Rap + Rock - Listen to "somewhere I belong" by linkin Park, or "keep rolling" by limp bizkit.

Heavy Rock/Metal - listen to "run to the hills" by Iron Maiden, or "not the American average" by Asking Alexandria

Heavy Metal/Screamo - "Coming Down" by Five Finger Death Punch, or "you only live once" by Suicide Silence, or "of wolf and man" by Metallica

German - "du hasst" by Ramstein (metal) or "spring nicht" by Tokio Hotel (pop rock)

K-Pop - "minimanimo" or "miss you" both by tiny-G

Hope this helped :D

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