I need some song ideas ... any genre, but they have to have something to do with fire. (EG: "Fire" by Ohio Players, or "We Didn't Start The Fire") I'm looking for a playlist of about 20 songs, so any help is appreciated?


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"Let me stand next to your fire ". Jimi Hendrix

"Light my fire". The Doors

"Fire and Rain". James Taylor

'Fire and Ice". Pat Benatar

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Start the fire by Gwen Stefani

Set fire to the rain by Adele

Fire and Gold by idk some popular singer

Fire meet gasoline and House on Fire by Sia

Just Like Fire by Pink

I hope this helps 🔥

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"Fire, Fire, My Heart" by Thomas Morley of the classical genre. You said any genre!
A novelty-madrigal song, it can grow on you & here are 2 very entertaining versions.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07A1kl9Ia4o  both incredible, though the song seems like more than 2½ minutes long. Kind of relieved ... When it does.

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