WHy Did Akon Get Arrested?


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Germayne answered
underage girl got into a club he was playing at and he ended up with
her. Then there was major media coverage and he went through a tough
time trying to get them to believe that she looked older and he's not a
kiddie fiddler.If you don't believe me go to and tells everything!!
Cassidy Gustafson Profile
He was at a club, and there was an underage girl at the club, but she looked older, and if you don't believe me, listen to   this song called sorry blame it on me.
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Anonymous answered
Car theft wen he was younger and ended up with a under age girl that looked older at a night club
Chinno Profile
Chinno answered
Under age person in his club.
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Anonymous answered
Huh I don't know I am not Sherie but lessen to this song put the blame on me from youtube
Charles Jaramillo Profile
I believe that he was at a club under age. Hope this helps and have an nice day =)

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