What Are The Advantages Of Newspapers?


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Newspapers are basically a form of written publication that contains news, information and advertising. Newspapers hold current and up to date information about politics, economics, sports, entertainment, crime, business, society as well as media.

Following are the advantages of Newspaper:

- They are a reliable and cheap source of information.

- They can be read even if you are on the go which makes them extremely portable.

- Reading Newspapers is a good time pass.

- Newspapers help in improving your language skills.

- Newspapers are a source of information as well as entertainment.

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A Newspaper is basically a form of written publication that contains
news, information as well as advertising content. It gives information about everything that is happening around us.

News papers are very important for each one of us. Newspapers help us in knowing whats the current situation in politics, economics, sports, etc. It helps us in knowing the current trends in business. It contains reviews from different analysts that helps us in making judgments and decisions. Newspapers are also an important media for advertising and promotion. So it helps us in knowing the recent offers in our city.
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Reading newspapers everyday is must for both students and adults for growth and enlightenment irrespective of the class or
field of their life. For, reading newspaper everyday is highly educational, and an important informal education in that. One
can ignore this important function of the life at own peril.
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Reading is important as it stimulates your brain. Reading the newspaper would assist a person in keeping up with the daily news of what is occurring locally as well in the world. The newspaper can be a wealth of information if used correctly. It can help a person find employment, sell items, buy items, make your brain work by attempting the puzzle. The newspaper is beneficial in so many ways.
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You've been given lots of good answers and there's no need for me to add to them, but newspapers belong to the past and are currently struggling to maintain their relevance and value.

Certainly they can bring the news to people who don't have better means available -- few though those may be -- but they're fighting a losing battle against radio, television, and that 800 lb gorilla, the Internet.

I haven't  bought a newspaper for years and get my news on the Internet where I subscribe to the Guardian, the Huffington Post,  the Australian Broadcasting Commission's web site and, on occasion, Al Jazeera. Mixing the sources provides a far less biased slant on the news and allows us to see things from an external point of view, which is often less blurred than local coverage.

Like fixed-line telephones, the days of newspapers are numbered.

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I heard that people used to look for the schedule of various TV programs and sports matches in newspapers, as well as information on sports betting. To be honest, this is quite inconvenient, and it's good that now there are communities for bettors like, where you can quickly find the information you need, for example, betting tips.

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• They are a mouth piece for the public – when people write in their comments
• They are also a source of employment – after all they don’t write or print themselves.
• They also facilitate advertising
• They keep you up-to-date with everyday events, fashion, gossip, name it

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