What Are The Parts Of A Broadsheet Type Of Newspaper?


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A broadsheet newspaper is the largest style or type of newspaper produced. It is generally characterized by long, vertical pages and being unsurprisingly wider than tabloids and those papers - like The Guardian (UK) that are in the midway Berliner format.

The most notable broadsheets are the Financial Times (FT) and the Daily Telegraph from the UK, and the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and USA Today from the US.

The parts of the papers are like other papers and equally dependent on the organization that produces them. Most newspapers will follow the same themes within their pages:
  • Front page headline
  • Other top stories
  • Features
  • Sports

Others pages are general mix and matched stories of interest within different areas of news, health, politics or education.

Some newspapers do have internal segments or pull outs. This is most common for the business pages and for international news, but also not uncommon with sports. This is often the case when the newspaper prides itself on that section, or has a reputation for being exceptionally well informed and well written in that section.
Due to the vast nature of the broadsheet papers, there is plenty of space to fill. Often there will be one whole large page devoted to the weather, and often more to sections such as comment or opinion, or to columns for individual journalists to have their own personal say about events.

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