Is it weird to go to the movies alone?


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Dylan Lemke Profile
Dylan Lemke answered
To some ppl, I wouldnt mind it tho
Mandy Clark Profile
Mandy Clark answered
Really weird to some people but if you're gonna just end up watching the movie anyways why does it matter if anyone else is there? I've never seen a movie alone....I guess it also depends on what kind of movie it is. If it's horror, romance, or comedy bring someone but other than that it really doesn't make a difference:)
dana de leeuw Profile
dana de leeuw answered
No, it's not weird. Films are a personal experience: You in a comfortable chair being sucked in the Silver Screen.
But it is a bit boring. It's nicer if you can share opinions, feelings, emotions with someone.
Janey Profile
Janey answered
Not at all, as my other half isn't really a fan of slasher movies, so if a new movie comes to our cinema complex i go alone to enjoy it all by myself lol !
Emma Frescher Profile
Emma Frescher answered
No it's not really weird, there had been instances when I've watched movies alone and I find it normal. Although I have to say that it can get boring especially that you have no one to talk to and discuss the finer points or the lapses of the movie as you leave the theater.

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