What Are The Different Sections Of A Newspaper?


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There is the front page, local news, national news, politics, sports, business, entertainment, opinion, lifestyle, travel, real estate, and classifieds.

  • Sections of a Newspaper
If the question is asking what are the official sections then you usually have the front section which is filled with local and national news, current events, and politics. It is often the beginning section with the name of the newspaper. The paper will often have an arts and entertainment, sports, comics, classifieds, real estate, lifestyle, and business sections.

If you are asking what can also be included in the paper one can also find opinions and horoscopes in the newspaper as sections within sections. In other words, the opinions are often in the main section of the newspaper. You can also find local events or book signings in the arts and entertainment along with movie times. Obituaries are another section that are within a section of the newspaper. You also cannot forget the stuffing of the paper such as the advertisements for Wal-mart, coupons, and even the Parade magazine.

  • Other Newspapers
The Wall Street Journal or Investor's Business Daily are two entirely different newspapers from publications such as the Denver Post, New York Times or LA Times. These are business newspapers often for stock market investors. They will have different sections to the paper than your normal city paper. You may find hot stocks to invest in, graphs of certain stocks, or just a bunch of stock listings. As a business newspaper it takes the "business section" of the city paper to a whole new level, with more information designed for investors that are serious about following stocks.

Given the various newspapers out there, you can find different sections other than those listed for the typical city or town newspaper.

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