What Are The Parts Of Newspaper And Their Functions?


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There are numerous parts to a newspaper and each of these sections is responsible for a different purpose within the newspaper. Some of these include the front page, World News, Sport, Culture, Lifestyle, Business, Weather and several others. Of course - the section types can vary depending on what type of newspaper you are reading, however it is safe to assume that the following sections and their functions are featured:

  • The front page

Regardless of the newspaper it will always have a front page. This section of the newspaper is greatly responsible for documenting some of the most important news. There are two reasons for this; the first being that the news that news companies view as most important should always be documented first.

However - the front page is also a weapon used to entice potential readers into purchasing the paper. If they are intrigued by the big headline of the leading story then they are more likely to buy the paper.

  • World news

This section of the newspaper is quite self-explanatory. This is where news from around the world is reported across several pages. These stories include all the current affairs in your home nation as well as what is happening everywhere else.

  • Sport

Most newspapers also have a dedicated sports section. This area of the paper will report the news on a variety of sports teams; documenting information like latest scores, team news, fitness reports and other interesting information.

Other parts like Lifestyle, Culture and Business sections could feature in some newspapers more than others; however there are normally some of these sections in most newspapers available.
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There are 6 parts


2)by line

3)place line

4)lead paragraph

5)Body paragraph

6) additional information
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The sports
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