A Family Is Moving And Has A Number Of Electronic Devices In The Same Packing Crate. One Device Beeps Every 8 Minutes Another Beeps Every 10 Minutes, And The Third Device Beeps Every 12 Minutes.?


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8 = 23
10 = 2*5
12 = 22*3

LCM = 23*3*5 = 120

They will next beep together at 5 pm.
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10 AM
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The devices with period 10 minutes and 12 minutes will beep together on the hour every hour. The device with the 8 minute period will beep 4 minutes before and after the hour on the even hours.
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What an annoying family if they do exist in real life. Fancy carrying so many beepers together in a single storage crate. I wouldn't even wish to know when they will all beep together but instead, I would ask them to turn the beepers off and keep everyone's mind at peace.

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