Is Titanium More Expensive Than Gold?


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Titanium and gold are entirely different metals and so how could their prices be the same. Both have their own properties which make them unique. Titanium in most cases does not cost as much as gold. White gold which is often priced higher than titanium is generally used in making jewelry in the form of a gold and white metal (like silver and palladium) alloy; Titanium unlike gold is used in jewelry in almost its pure form.

Titanium is more durable as compared to other metals and is lightweight too and hence suitable to be worn as jewelry; a titanium ring will feel much lighter than an 18 carat gold ring. Moreover it does not cause allergies. Titanium can be crafted in bright colours such as purple and black, so it looks more modern too.

Titanium though it is less expensive than 9 carat white gold costs more if one takes in to account the labour costs as making titanium jewelry is more difficult; however titanium is in any case cheaper than platinum and diamond.

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