Is cheryl cole mixed race?


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Cheryl Cole is an English White female. She has some distant Irish heritage but has not been termed as mixed race.

Many have assumed Cheryl Cole to be mixed race because she has a darker complexion than the average english citizen. However, this could be attributed to unnatural beauty methods that tan the skin.

In the last two decades there has become a renewed obsession with keeping a tanned complexion. Although once it was deemed to be an attractive quality to have pale skin, last year in the UK alone £40 million was spent on acquiring a tan or acquiring the appearance of a tan. Celebrities such as Cheryl Cole and TV programmes such as The Only Way Is Essex are contributing to this culture that promotes glamour in the form of beauty. 

In the modern world it is also becoming more rare to be descended from only a single race as immigration laws and social barriers have become more relaxed. There are many other celebrities who are bi-racial that may surprise you. For example, Naomi Campbell is 1/4 Chinese and Norah Jones is half Indian.

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