What Is The Meaning Of The Tattoo On Cheryl Cole's Hand?


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The tattoo that appears on Cheryl Cole's right hand can be described as a customized tribal design. There have been no cases of Cole publicly attributing any particular meaning to the tattoo, but it is one of several tattoos that she has adorning her body.

Britain's most famous tattoo

Cheryl Cole's tribal hand tattoo has becoming something of a celebrity in its own right. The design is definitely positioned for maximum exposure, with numerous photos of her holding a microphone or brushing back her hair with her hand featuring the design in a prominent way.

The tribal design has in fact become so popular that several sights are flogging temporary stick-on versions like this one at

Perhaps the one thing that really epitomizes the kind of attention this simple design has attracted is a Facebook group entitled Join this page if you have Cheryl Cole's hand tattoo.

The Tattoos That Cheryl Cole Regrets

Whilst Cheryl Cole's tribal hand design might be seen as something of a tattoo success, the pop-star has had several other tattoos which she is less than ready to flaunt.

For example, the rose-woven barbed wire band around her upper thigh that reminds me of something an 80s WWF wrestler might have is one tattoo that seems to be afraid of the limelight.

And Cheryl Cole made the ultimate mistake of getting the words Mrs. Cole tattooed on the back of her neck. Something she probably regrets in the wake of her divorce from footballer Ashley Cole.

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