What is the meaning of Brendon McCullum's tattoo?


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Brendon McCullum is a New Zealand cricketer who is known for his wicket-keeping prowess, aggressive batting style and ability to rack up runs in record time. He is also becoming well known for his growing collection of body art- including a tattooed tribute to his ranking adorning his right arm.

Meaning of McCullum's tattoo

The most notable tattoo design on Brendan McCullum's arm is the scroll containing the Roman numerals CXXVI XLII CCXXIV.

The meaning behind the enigmatic tattoo was explained by McCullum as a symbol of his place in the list of cricketers who have had the honour of representing New Zealand in the various forms of international cricket.

The tradition behind McCullum's tattoo

The cricketing tradition that influenced McCullum's tattoo is actually attributed to Australian captain Steve Waugh, who suggested cricketers get their rank number embroidered onto items of clothing or caps.

To this day, no-one has taken that idea as far as Brendon McCullum and actually had the number permanently inked on their body, but perhaps this is just another example of the passion that McCullum brings to his game.

Sports pundit Simon Hughes once described McCullum as resembling "a touring musician who has just emerged from his trailer after a jam session" and part of his bad boy image could be down to the tattoos that adorn his arms.

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Michael Slater has his Test cap number tattooed on his chest, but he
made a mistake while he got it tattooed. He got the wrong number (356
instead of 357) stained onto him. Brendon Julian and Michael Slater had
to swap numbers after Slater had the wrong number tattooed upon his
chest. He actually had got it tattooed before he had won his Baggy

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