Does Nash Grier smoke weed?

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Nash Grier, as well as having a name that rhymes with Cash Beer, is known in the USA as the little boy who posts video-vines online. He may well smoke weed, although, ultimately , this is an unknowable thing. If young Grier does smoke weed, these are some of the efects he can expect to experience:

Psychedelic thinking 

Nash's little mind will expand and he may think he is generating innovative, creative thoughts. In fact, he will be thinking twaddle.

Extreme giggles

Nash will find everything from a fly on the wall to a glass of water in his hand inexplicably hilarious.

Total paranoia

Rational thought will abandon Nash and he will become fixated on the notion that the world (or maybe just his friends, or someone walking by) is out to get him.

Inappropriate hunger

Even if he's already had his dinner and two bars of chocolate and a bag of potato chips, Nash will feel as though he hasn't eaten in a week.

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Never heard about this video blogger before .. And of course I don't know if he grows any cannabis or not. But I can confirm that Medical Marijuana is absolutely safe and has multiple health benefits, I would grow it by myself with a big pleasure but unfortunately it is illegal at my state.

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