What are some unusual facts about you?


5 Answers

Izzy SouthernGirl Profile

I have never seen the movie Titanic and I like to drink milk with my chips!

Robin Banks Profile
Robin Banks answered

I have a second cousin who was born on exactly the same day as me. I have also never learnt how to ride a bike.

Lard Ass Profile
Lard Ass answered

I like peanut butter and brown sugar on toast, and baked potatoes with cottage cheese (thanks grandma),

Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered

I don't like milk in my cereal. I hate all kinds of fruit except bananas.

Nice Girl Profile
Nice Girl answered

I don't like saying bad words to anyone and when I say them I just feel really very bad! And if I'm very angry from a person or just had a bad fight I may fight very nicely with the person at first but then when I'm alone I think of it and start crying! And I can't fight with a person for a so long time and if I do, tears just drop off my eyes! I like to be happy and cheerful with everyone and I don't like fights!

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