What are your simple pleasures in life?


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One of my most simple pleasures in life is spending time with my dog, Sierra. She brightens every day of my life. I love to go outside and sit on the porch at night to gaze at "God's lesser light"  - the moon. I love the smell of fresh-cut grass. I love going on picnics and holding my husband's hand. I love to have the honor to pray for other people. And my most simple pleasure, I suppose, is just being able to help people in any way I can.

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My simple pleasures in life are: acting crazy sometimes, like doing crazy things, talking to the boy I love, dancing with all my energy, writing poems, singing, dreaming and imagining when I'm alone and creative designing on paper when I'm bored and that's it! Hey and chatting with my friends too!

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My simple pleasures in life are listening to music, talking to the girl I love, and hanging out with my friends. But talking to my girlfriend is my favorite!

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Simple pleasures in life are satisfaction of anything.. :-)

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When we talk about the term 'simple pleasures', we are usually talking about sentimental, inexpensive, organic and natural experiences and pleasures. These are the smallest things that make us happy, and don't require much effort or thought.

A lot of simple pleasures are in the line of love and communication. These release a plethora of endorphins in our body and cause us to feel happy. Holding a deep/meaningful conversation with the person you love can do exactly that. This is also the case in parenting and looking after your child/baby.

My personal simple pleasure is derived from the art of creating. 

This can be creating music or literature. Either way, the process of creativity in itself is what i consider to be fruitful, naturally therapeutic and pleasurable in all it's simplicity.

I hope this answers your question.

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