What's your musical guilty pleasure? Mines ABBA.


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I don't feel guilty for liking any songs ...I like what I like and that's fine ...I guess My guilty pleasure songs are the ones when I choose to indulge my sadness then :) I've listened to this song all day ... So this one then :) it's a lovely sad song.

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Look at the top by the "Ask" button. You'll see the word "Discover" to press. It's a page with random questions that have pics.

I think it's purpose is to let nubes see how weird we are.
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I will look happy :) I have to go break a lamp now though cos someone I've been waiting to get back Into town forever is home :) Imma pick him up at the airport and break at least 4 lamps between now and dawn :O
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Raaarrr!!! 💡
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James Blunt, although he has been called other names because of his Marmite status

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