A coconut hits your head and you have no idea where you are. It’s pitch dark and all you can hear are Friendly Bush-warblers chirping. What country are you in?


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I'm in Malaysia which is the only Country where the Friendly Bush Warbler is found. My head hurts from that coconut though, where is the nearest hospital? I think I have concussion!

I'm thinking I'm probably not in the central regions, which is a pity as they speak English there but here I may need to know some Malay. I just hope they at least speak Manglish.

I really hope I feel better soon because I hear that clothes are very cheap and I intend to shop until I drop (unfortunately I already did drop when the coconut hit me!)

Talking of coconut, I am not a fan of coconut milk so maybe I could get a cup of the national drink Teh Tarik (pulled Tea) and some of the amazing food they have here.

I am starting to feel better actually and there is a lot to explore here, can I sue the coconut for damages though?

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