A riddle, Imagine you are in a dark room with a locked door. All you have with you is a rope and a pencil. You can hear the rain outside, but there are no windows. How do you get out?


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A friend of mine told me this riddle last week. I've been obsessing over it ever since with no luck. Seeing it in writing gives me an idea. You say "imagine" you are in a dark room. My answer is to stop imagining.

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After trying so hard to figure out the answer, I feel a great sense of accomplishment, lol. Nice riddle!
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I will try & find it for you!
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Is it this one?

I change stature as I age, but my importance does not differ by age. My importance is manifested mostly when with my boss. When we part, I am of no importance.

What am I?

Answer-A pencil. It gets shorter with use, but is no less important. Its impact is from the person using the pencil to write or draw. Without them, the pencil is just an idle tool.

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