There's this movie on Amazon but I know my mother won't let me order it and I really want it! I never had it before. But I'll be very very impatient waiting for it to arrive. Do you think my mother will change her mind and let me order it?


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Probably depends on what the movie is and about and what it is rated. You'll have to show her what it is and see if she'll let you have it. If you can do that, Amazon has very quick handling and shipping. One of the best online stores. But, not knowing what you are looking for, it's between you and your mom. Be nice ! Good luck! :)

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Megan goodgirl
Megan goodgirl commented
Thank you. I'm 29 so I'm old enough but it's just that she knows I'm very impatient. But thank you for your help.
Rooster Cogburn
Rooster Cogburn commented
Just go ahead and order it then and use express mailing. You'll get it in about three days. Amazon is quick!

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