Just out of curiosity, what's your favorite Disney movie?


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I'm old school Disney, I have to say Cinderella of course!

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anne roberts
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I love all the movies! Cinderella is the best so far!
Willie B. good
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Just out of curiosity why do you keep answering old questions? In case you haven't noticed this question is 5 years old, everyone here is starting to suspect you're a spammer!!!!!
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Some of the new Disney movies are really great, and I have to admit I've watched Frozen a few times (I have a two year-old daughter as an excuse), but for me nothing beats the 1951 version of Alice in Wonderland.

I watched it pretty much every night for years, until my mom taped over the VHS with a Michael Jackson concert :(

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My favorite Disney movies:




My favorite Dreamworks movies:

How to Train your dragon 1

How to train your dragon 2

Rise of the Guardians.

(Yeah, I know the question said 'Disney movie' but these three are my other favorites.) :D

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I love Mirror Mirror

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