In your opinion, what is the best Disney movie to come out since Disney’s Golden Age?


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Snow White

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Kristen Storm
Kristen Storm commented
Ah Disney's Original princess :D thank you
Chewed Bubblegum
Chewed Bubblegum commented
she's always been my favorite :D Happy to help!
Kristen Storm
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She's also the one where they didn't want to release the actresses name so Snow White's voice would always be unique! :D Love that movie
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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

I've always loved Beauty and The Beast. Best of luck to you!

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Always loved The Little Mermaid

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Alice in Wonderland 1951

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Yo Kass answered

I enjoy most of the modern Pixar/Disney collaborations.

I really liked "Inside Out" which I took my daughter to see recently. It was an interesting movie because it confronted a lot of complex issues in a way that kids could understand.

Plus it was very funny.

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